Getting the Concept right at the beginning is very important

Take preliminary brief /  Develop schedule of accommodation & related circulation paths / Prepare space schematics & flow diagrams / Consider massing options / Prepare concept design drawings / Report on design constraints & assumptions.

#2Preliminary Design

Design is our core skill.

Prepare preliminary design & block model / Prepare rough order (guesstimate) of cost / identify need for sub Consultants and/or separate Consultants / Prepare and lodge application for project information memorandum (PIM) / Prepare project time-line.

#3Develop Design

Designs are presented in a range of media, from hand-drawn sketches to photo-realistic computer-generated renderings.

Consult with Building Consent Authority / refine Client's brief / prepare schedule of accommodation & circulation areas / refine design and prepare detailed design drawings / prepare dimensioned floor plans, elevations, sections, perspective sketches & sketches of critical details / prepare interior & exterior perspective sketch views / prepare preliminary schedules of materials, finishes, components / coordinate and integrate input of structural & services Engineers / consider and advise on appropriate procurement methods / arrange for and report on cost estimate / update, refine and report on project time-line.

#4Detailed Design & Documentation

Documentation to ensure your project is properly built, to budget, and on time. Our specifications are purpose-written for your project (this stage used to be known as the preparation of working drawings and specifications).

Prepare documentation based on the design already developed to:

  • Enable a complying application for Building Consent to be lodged
  • Procure a contractor to undertake the project
  • Describe the workmanship and materials required, and the standards needed to be attained to successfully construct the building

Coordinate engineer's detailed documentation / Confirm appropriate procurement methods / Update, refine and report on project time-line


Management of the tendering and negotiating process to provide certainty of cost, time and quality.

Consult with your legal & insurance advisors / Negotiate with contractor if this means of procurement is chosen / Seek expressions of interest if the works are to be tendered / administer tender process / Report and recommend the awarding of the contract / Prepare contract for signatures / Notify contractor and client of consent conditions.

#6Observation & Contract Administration

Ensure that buildings are delivered as specified, on time, and within budget.

Make periodic visits to the site to observe progress of the works and compliance with contract documents / Control & record variations where there is cost or time impact / Distribute supplementary documentation for clarity, & additional drawings to describe variations requested by the client / Review samples & prototypes in consultation with client / Assess & certify payments to be made by client to the contractor (progress and final) / Assess & confirm that materials and workmanship comply with the design intent as documented / Assess & determine any extension of time arising from conditions on site / Determine and certify practical completion / Assess defects & issue defects notices / Review warranties & guarantees provided by the Contractor / Notify faults arising and observed during the maintenance period / Inspect remedies and issue defects liability completion certificate.

#7Additional Services
  • Site Selection - We can help you review the suitability of a proposed site before purchase
  • Feasibility Studies - Our analysis can assist determine the viability of a project
  • Master Planning - An overview of a total project can be very helpful in prioritising your work program
  • Resource Consent Applications - We can manage your project through the increasingly complex consent process for Resource Consents